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How to protect your chickens from predators?

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We have already pointed out that the three mayor problems with keeping chickens are hygiene, diseases and safety, as the number show that these three provoke the biggest number of deaths within the chickens. Having in mind number of different animals that are potential enemy to your chickens flock, baby chickens and even just chicken’s […]

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3 biggest problems owners can have with chickens

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The ones who have been raising chickens know that the biggest problems with keeping chickens are not feeding, nor watering, but diseases and predators together with the hygiene.  Someone would say these are not so unusual concerns, as well as that every other animal keepers have the headache about same problems. It is true, however […]

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How to cut out the food cost for your chickens?

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In our previous article we spoke about daily nutritional needs of our chickens and we gave a short list of the food that can satisfy these needs. However buying all of this food can be a big shock for your budget especially if using just commercial feed.  That is why we made a short research […]

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Daily nutritional needs of chickens

Nutritional need of chickens

For optimal productivity and health of your chickens it is very important to know the minimal amount of daily nutritional needs. Although there are some general rules that you should follow, these needs are different with every other breed of the chicken and depend of the purpose your chickens are raised.  For example laying hens […]

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Lightning as a stimulant to chicken’s productivity health and welfare

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We have been familiar with the influence that lightening has to the general health conditions and welfare of our chickens, however the latest researches showed it is much more important than we could even imagined.  It is a key factor for the number of laid eggs, their weight and size but even more. Did you […]

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With proper chicken’s diet against summer heat

Chicken's diet fruits and vegetables

Although chickens have their own mechanism to adapt on the weather outside, during these exetremly hot days if we see them panting, with wings away from a body, this is the sign they had too much of the sun and they need help to cope with long hot summer day. Despite regularly summer care tips […]

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The most unbelievable facts about chickens

We have already heard that chickens can lay colored eggs, that they can fly although not that long and that […]

Chicken’s bath – water or dust?

Hot summer days and the only thing we are thinking about is cold shower or a bath on a near […]

What do you have to know before introducing new chickens to your flock?

You already have your own small flock and you are thinking to join it a few more chickens. Now you […]

Why chickens stop laying eggs?

If you have noticed the difference in number of eggs your chickens are laying these days, you should definitely first […]

Summer care tips for your chickens

Long summer is just starting and as if believed to the weather cast it will be hot and hard to […]

Watering chickens

As much as the food is important for your chickens, watering chickens properly is as important as feeding them. Water […]